Leveling Up: Warriors Esports Scores Big in Inaugural Season!

In its first season, Angleton Christian School’s Warriors Esports team is making news. There is something exciting going on there. Let’s jump into the virtual arena and check out these high school esports players’ wins and adventures. Let’s play!

With a tech twist, Angleton Christian School puts Warriors Esports front and center!

High school players at Angleton Christian School are breaking new ground in the world of technology, which is always changing. For their first e-sports season, they’re not playing on a real field, but on virtual grounds with Super Smash Bros Ultimate and NBA 2K24. September Rosa, who works for ACS, told everyone how this exciting journey started.

Smart Tech Choice: Adding E-Sports to ACS!

September got the idea when she went to a meeting and heard about how esports teams can help schools. She wasn’t a gamer herself, but she was interested in how it could help build community and make everyone feel welcome. She chose to go for it when she saw that parents and students were interested.

Rosa said, “I was ready to take that chance for our students.”

Building community and friendship through e-sports for everyone!

Warriors Esports can bring people together, which is one of the coolest things about it. As September said, “It gives us a new chance to build community at school.” Now, students who may not have been in any other clubs can join a group, meet new people, and feel like they belong here. It’s like getting together with your game friends to level up!

Coaching in the virtual arena: From Nerves to Glory!

In September Rosa paused at first because she isn’t a HOLYSLOTS88 gamer herself. But she chose to join because she had heard that other schools had good experiences with esports. It was just as exciting and nerve-wracking to coach in the virtual world as it was to teach in real life. It was the same for her during games as it was when she played basketball or volleyball.

PlayVS Powers Up: State titles and letters of honor are on the line

Here comes PlayVS, the magic that makes Warriors Esports possible. Students can earn varsity letters and fight for state titles in a number of different games through this platform. Coaching is very important, and students need to keep their status by getting good grades and going to all of their games. It’s like bringing the rules of real games into the virtual world!

Smash Bros and NBA 2K24 Showdown with the Warriors!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and NBA 2K24 were Warriors Esports’ first games. Graham had a great run in the 2K24 solo-team game, making it all the way to the semifinals of the playoffs. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team also did well, coming in 49th place out of 82 teams in the Texas Region for the fall season.

Coming up: the spring season, new games, and sponsorship!

Warriors Esports is getting ready for more action as the school year breaks into fall and spring terms. New games like League of Legends, Rocket League, and more come out in the spring. What’s even better? Leeroy’s Esports in Lake Jackson is supporting Warriors Esports, which is great for ACS student athletes because it adds to the fun and support.

Good luck, Warriors! You have a bright future in e-sports!

Warriors Esports at Angleton Christian School is off to an exciting start with a successful first season. These high school gamers are showing that esports has a special place in the school community by playing games together and making friends. As they level up in the spring and beyond, stay tuned for more adventures!