Avocados are versatile and full of health benefits. ALDI avocados are perfect to add on toast, tacos, sandwiches, and to make delicious guacamole. Read on to learn about avocado nutrition facts. Avocados contain heart healthy fat and an array of other nutrients, including fiber, vitamin K, and potassium. These nutrients also can help inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells. Whether you want to make a bowl of homemade, fresh guacamole or spread smashed avocado over whole grain toast, our avocados make the perfect snack.

Produce Tips

  • To keep your avocado’s natural color, brush the surface of a peeled or sliced avocado with lemon juice. Or, cover the pulp with plastic wrap.
  • Hass avocados will turn black when ripe. Most Florida and non Hass avocados will remain green. However, all varieties are ripe when the full fruit gives when squeezed tightly.

Selecting Tips

  • When selecting an avocado, be sure to pick avocados that have firm skin with no soft spots. If an avocado feels mushy or soft, it may be too ripe.